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Hattie Austin Moseley - A Pioneer in the Food Industry | She Had G.R.I.T.

Celebrating the notable achievements of women cannot be condensed to just one month since our contributions are year round. March is Women's History Month, and it's an intentional time of researching women, and learning about the often overlooked accomplishments of some amazing sheroes that we might not otherwise hear about were it not for this attention to their work. 

Because I love history and am now doing doctoral ministry work on food sovereignty, particularly examining the intersection of land, food and faith formation, I want to highlight a woman that I came to know through research two years ago. I include her in my 2017 book, Being Ruth: Pressing Through Life's Struggles with Fearless Faith, as I talk about women who have made significant strides in the face of life's struggles. I highlight women in contemporary history, who like the biblical women Ruth and Naomi, who went from being wives to being widows in a matter of minutes, overcame adversity in their stat…

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